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about us

Our Mission

At Wealers, we believe cooking and eating delicious campfire food should be simple and stress-free. Our mission is to become the #1 recognized provider of travel cookware and utensil sets world-wide, one ‘happy camper’ at a time.


 Our Story

From Amatuer Adventurers…. to Experienced Explorers

The story of Wealers begins with one family and their shared passion for the great outdoors.

Over the years, this family formed an unbreakable bond as they escaped into nature and trekked untamed territories, wind at their backs and twigs snapping beneath their sturdy hiking boots.

And with each passing camping trip,  their packing list grew smaller.

They whittled down their must-haves.

They cut out excess baggage.

They streamlined their inventory.

Because, as every true adventurer knows, the lighter you travel, the farther you go.


A Portable Problem

There was one category of gear they kept stumbling over - cooking equipment

 Lightweight pots heated up unevenly.

Portable pans rusted and bent.

Utensils were flimsy and took up too much valuable space.

Camping stoves were too heavy and clumsy to travel long distances.

 They were tired of lugging around stuff they wouldn’t use while all the while not having what they needed; exhausted from complicated set-ups; fed up with pots that had such bad temperature control, their food ended up charred outside and raw inside.

No matter what they tried, they just couldn’t find the nirvana of cooking sets, the perfect combo of cooking wear and utensils that packed together neatly and did the job just right.


A Thought-out Solution

And so, in 2012, frustrated with their options, they set out to solve the problem by creating the solution themselves.

They knew exactly what they wanted to design - set of portable cooking equipment that were:

  • Convenient to carry
  • Packed up nice and tight.
  • Rugged enough to survive plenty of camping trips
  • Cohesively co-ordinated to include items campers actually needed.

Their dream was to design useful packages that included all the benefits of a camping kitchen without wasted space or extra weight.


They gathered together all their knowledge from many years of camping. They consulted with experts in the cookware and camping industry. And they conducted intense, independent research.

They paid attention to everything campers wanted from cookware and utensils and made sure to design sets that people could really use.

Eventually, they created Wealer’s first prototypes. They put all the good stuff in. They took all the useless stuff out.

Then they sent those sample sets out on test runs in the wilderness and waited for feedback.

Pooling their testers’ comments, they redesigned.

And retested.

And redesigned again.

Finally, after several years of research, they created the Wealers brand - a line of durable, portable cookware that campers have grown to love.


The Wealers Way

We’ve earned a beloved place on camping trips across America by valuing:

  • Quality and Function -  so you get equipment that lasts
  • Rigorous Testing - ensuring all cookware and utensils meet the superior Wealer Standard of Quality.
  • Clever Design -  Lightweight, compact sets that provide everything an adventurer could possibly need.

When you head off into the wilderness, you’ll be glad you brought along a set of our user-friendly camping cookware and accessories.



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