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7 Pc Spice/Herb Shakers

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  • INCLUDED - This set includes 6 pcs - 3 Spice Shakers bottles 1.85 In. x 4 In, 3 Ketchup/ Mustard bottles measuring 1.75 In. x 6 In and includes a mesh carry bag for transport (SPICES NOT INCLUDED JUST EMPTY BOTTLES)
  • CAN BE USED FOR - Great for homemade spices! or bulk spices, and herbs, or for that matter any spice seasoning that you may need to take along when traveling away from home
  • GREAT FOR - You can take this along to any of your outdoor camping or BBQ'ing and it is extremely portable, especially with its included mesh carry bag
  • SPICE SHAKER BOTTLE - Every spice shaker bottle comes with a 2 sided flip cap, one side is for pouring spice, etc. into a spoon, the other cap is for seasoning your food
  • SQUEEZE BOTTLES - Each Ketchup and Mustard bottle is squeezable so that after you pour your Ketchup or Mustard into the bottle, you can easily squeeze it out of it onto your food

Package includes:
3 Pepper Spice Shakers
3 Ketchup Bottles
1 funnel
1 Mesh Bag


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