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Neoprene Thermal Sleeve Bottle Holders (6 Pack)

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Wealers high quality Neoprene sleeve thermal bottle holders are suitable for numerous outdoor applications.

The perfect solution for camping hiking, mountaineering and all extreme outdoor excursions. The sleeves each hold
1 bottle and it keeps your drinks refreshingly cold or hot for extended periods of time.

So if you're into the great outdoors, lounging around all day basking in beautiful weather his carrier set will work
perfectly for you. Great for back yard lounging and relaxing in the sun with ice cold drinks! An awesomely cool
vacationing accessory, or lounging around companion for all to enjoy! An excellent life of the grid companion
for the outdoor personality!

- Durable neoprene material built to endure extreme temperatures
- Material is comfy to hold and smooth to the touch
- Made with breathable material
- Outdoor friendly
- Moisture retardant
- Lightweight | Portable

- Can be directly exposed to water
- Quick Drying
- Color | Blue | Red | Green
- Hiking | Mountaineering | Cycling | Backyard lounging
- Nature treks | Cross country skiing | Camping | BBQ's
- Beach parties | Live sporting events

- 6 Assorted Neoprene Bottle Holders Sleeves | 2 of each color


Bullet Points:

  • MULTIPURPOSE: The neoprene sleeve bottle holders can be used for multiple applications; Camping, hiking, fishing, mountaineering, boating, carnivals, sporting and fishing. It offers the perfect solution for outdoor fanatics or people who simply love social events. Soft to the touch the trendy sleeve protects your hands and holds; hot or ice cold beverages, assorted beer and soda cans, baby bottles, beer bottles and other compatible liquid drinks of your choice.
  • DURABLE: Engineered with craftsmanship and built to last, the sleeves are made for rugged usage and can withstand extreme temperatures. The body is made of quality stretchable neoprene with excellent elasticity memory and can be repeatedly stretched without losing its form. Made from breathable material that is moisture retardant and soft to the touch. Includes a zipper for added security and to accommodate different shaped bottles.
  • TRENDY | CONTEMPORARY: The stylish bottle holder sleeves are perfect for your next outdoor adventure or party event. They add a vibrant and festive element to barbeques, birthday celebrations and even masquerades. Perfect for carrying and storing your drinks in the great outdoors. It provides perfect organization and bright colors allow easy recognition outdoors.
  • SAFETY: The protective sleeves prevent glass bottled drinks from braking during accidental falls or spills.It also prevents painful frost bites and burns by protecting your hands from the extreme cold or hot temperatures of beverages.
  • PORTABLE | LIGHTWEIGHT: Unlike bulkier market brands, it is ultra-lightweight and travel friendly, perfect for all outdoor excursions! The trendy travel sleeves are virtually weightless and make it super easy to hold your ice cold beverages, relaxing at home or on the go.
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